Basketball Holidays Europe

Be an Intern

Spend your basketball holidays in europe with Europrobasket

Current University students are typically offered an optional Internship in a company or organization within their field of study. Europrobasket is the destination for many interns looking to expand their knowledge of the basketball market and business.

Whether you are studying to be a coach or sports psychologist, our doors are open to new people and experiences. Consider this your basketball holiday in Europe. Learn, experience, make contacts, develop professional relationships, and gain valuable knowledge from professionals in your field. Most importantly learn to enjoy and have fun in your new future career.

Study Fields Europrobasket is welcoming include:

  • Basketball Coaching

  • Sports Management

  • Social Media & Marketing

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Physiotherapy

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design & Web Design

  • Sports Psychology, Therapy & Mental Coaching

  • Cinematograhy

If you are currently enrolled in a University program or are looking for a basketball holiday in Europe, send an email to to request more information.