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Elite Individual Training for NBA Combines, European Pre-Season’s & Pro Basketball Tryouts

Elite athlete’s are not born, they are made through consistent hard work, preparation, focus and dedication. These qualities are what our coaches and trainers apply to each and every one of the players in our program. Each individual player has a personalized plan, made from a thorough study from the previous season by our professional staff of coaches and trainers. A profile is made after the evaluation and goals are set by the player and the staff. Those goals are met with the same hard work, preparation, focus and dedication that got each of our athletes to their elite status.

Europrobasket has worked with players from the NBA, WNBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, National Teams and Europe’s Top Competitions. Take your training and preparation to the next level with NBA Qualified and experienced trainers. Enter your pre-season stronger and faster with more agility and stamina than the previous season. We take your off-season as seriously as you do. Utilize Europe’s best basketball training facilities. Take advantage of the many comfortable accommodations we offer.