Europrobasket Staff members are compromised of directors, coaches, trainers, and scouts. All of our head coaches are ex professional players and current professional coaches. They have the highest level coaching certification in the country of their origin as well as a fiba certification and provide our players elite basketball training. Our trainers are college educated with one or more degree’s in fitness, health, nutrition, sports science and kinesiology. Every year we have guest visits from NBA agents, scouts and NBA trainers which provide elite basketball training and advice to our players. Here at Europrobasket, we understand players needs and goals, and work on a personal and professional level to deliver the best service to each and every one of them.
Europrobasket uses a fully European coaching and training staff to teach players how to be successful in the European basketball market. Our professional European coaches have years of playing and coaching experience at the highest level. They work to teach European systems, tactics and fundamentals to help players adjust to the European basketball style of play. Most of our agents and scouts are based overseas, and have personal relationships and contact with the teams we send our players to.

Brad Kanis

Brad Kanis is a former professional basketball player with experience playing in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Southern California, Brad attended Southern Utah University. He ended his Senior year at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008. He was quickly recruited by the Houston Rockets to attend their Mini-Camp and Las Vegas Summer League. He then moved on to play professionally overseas in Uruguay (Welcome)for a season and after in Syria (Al Jalaa). He followed his next season in Qatar (Qatar). After he returned to Uruguay (Capitol, Trouville) for 3 years to gain his citizenship which was awarded in 2011. He then moved on to Taiwan (Yulon Lugen), Japan (Tochigi), and then Kosovo (KB Besa) and later to Morocco (CRA Al Hoceima). He is now taking time of from his playing career to help devolop the Europrobasket Professional Basketball Academy. He is now retired from Professional Basketball, and spends his time developing the Europrobasket International Academy Program and contacts.

Paula Calabria

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EuroProBasket Founders

Brad Kanis

Paula Calabria

EuroProBasket Staff

Rui de Sousa Costa

Team Manager – Coach Rui de Sousa Costa – Portugal

Juan Manuel Diaz Martinez

Strength and Conditioning Coach Juan Manuel Diaz Martinez – Spain

Medical Staff Europrobasket

Medical Staff Valencia Basket


Team Manager Domantas Masevičius – Lithuania


Assistant Coach Benas Sodaitis – Lithuania

Alessandro Di Pasuale

Assistant Coach Alessandro Di Pasquale – Italy

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EuroProBasket Previous Coaches and Testimonials

Nikola Stanic

Serbian Coach Nikola Stanic

Johnny Griffin

American Coach Johnny Griffin

Marco Sodini

Italian Coach Marco Sodini

Rafael Vaz

Portuguese Coach Rafael Vaz

Nikolas Papadopoulos

Cyprus Coach Nikolas Papadopoulos

Daniel Brandao

Portuguese Coach Daniel Brandão

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