Europrobasket player Sean McDonnell moves to Leb Plata ??!


Europrobasket European Summer League player Sean McDonnell re-signed with his team after helping them move to Leb Silver from Liga Eba. Sean attended Europrobasket’s European Summer League in June of 2017, after a strong season in Westmont College NAIA. He was placed on an Eba team and performed extremely well averaging 17.2 pts, 7.5 rebs, 60% 2pt, 29% 3pt, 19.1 eff in 33 mins per game. The following season Sean was offered by Europrobasket staff to another Eba team on the other side of Spain and was received a contract for the 2018-2019 season. Again he performed well averaging 19.4 pts, 7.7 rebs, 58% 2pt, 37% 3pt with a 23.4 eff in 30.4 mins per game. He lead his team to a championship which moved them up a division to Leb Plata. Congrats Sean!