Pre-Program Testing for EuroProBasket Athletes

To be an elite athlete you have to train like an elite athlete. In order to train as an elite athlete you need to go through physical testing. We believe that before you start working with an athlete you need ...

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Dave Love Shooting Academy – Summer Basketball Camp in Europe 2021

If you’re searching for a summer basketball camp in Europe that provides top level training in the best basketball facilities on the European continent, you’ve found it with the Dave Love Shooting Academy. Located in the epicenter of basketball in ...

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Europe’s Safest Basketball Training Environment

Welcome to EuroProBasket and L’Alqueria del Basket, the safest basketball training experience available. L’Alqueria del Basket was home to the first high competition sanitary bubble in the world made by the Liga Endesa ACB and located in these exact same ...

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Virtual Clinic with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love

Common Shooting Mistakes and How to Fix Them What are the best ways to correct the most common shooting mistakes? The world is full of information about this subject but much of it is contradictory. If you’re searching for a ...

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How to Play Basketball Overseas – Step by Step Guide

The goal of any athlete is to make a living playing the sport they love. In basketball, if you don’t make it to the NBA or the NBA G League, there are hundreds of other leagues around the world where ...

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Best Overseas Basketball Combine 2021

Overseas Basketball Combines in the USA If you’re an aspiring professional basketball player you have probably either been to or heard of an overseas basketball combine or showcase taking place in the USA. You may have also heard of an ...

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How to Make a Basketball Resume

We’re going to explain how to make a basketball resume and why it is important to have one. What is the first thing a potential future employer asks for when you apply for a job in their organization? A resume. ...

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Overseas Basketball Salaries – Earnings by Country

If you are like most aspiring professional basketball players you surely have been asking yourself, what are the average overseas basketball salaries? We are here to answer that! We dive into the average and maximum salaries of players on every ...

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Professional Basketball in Portugal – Christian Foxen Shares His Rookie Experience Overseas

When did you start playing basketball? I started playing organized basketball when I was about 8 years old. But we had one of those little toy plastic hoops in my house growing up so I was probably shooting on that ...

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Basketball Agents – Everything You Need to Know

What is a basketball agent and what is their job? A basketball agent represents a current or aspiring professional basketball player or coach in pursuing, and negotiating; playing, coaching or endorsement opportunities. They will focus on the business side of ...

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Justas Jodkevicius on a tryout in Spain

Justas Jodkevicius, Lithuanian 6’6″ Small Forward from Cardiff Met Archer in the EBL of British Basketball, arrived to Spain on a tryout this past week. Justas Jodkevicius had plans of attending Europrobasket’s program this August but was unable due to ...

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From NAIA to One of the Top Leagues in the World – Sean Mcdonnell’s Journey

Sean Mcdonnell finished his collegiate career in 2017 playing at Westmont College in NAIA and advanced to LEB Oro, 2nd Division Spain, in 2020. We caught up with the former Europrobasket player and learned his method to being a consistent ...

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The New Valencia Arena – The Epicenter of Basketball in Europe

Valencia Spain is quickly becoming the center of basketball in Europe. Juan Roig, the major shareholder of Valencia Basket, has started another ambitious project to improve basketball in Valencia and Spain in general. With a 220 million euro endowment, the ...

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A Year of Perseverance – One Players Journey to Professional Basketball in Europe

Europrobasket got a chance to catch up with Adebayo Babalola, the most recent signee from Europrobasket’s Pro Placement program. Just to give you a little rundown on Bayo’s background and how he came to sign with a team in Portugal. ...

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What Americans Need to know about the European Travel Ban   European nations will begin opening their borders to international travelers starting July 1st. Tourists and nonessential travelers from a list of countries, which have been voted safe in regards ...

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The world of basketball is focused on Valencia for the next two weeks

125 Countries – Every Continent – Worldwide Basketball returns to Spain and the World is watching. Virtually every competition has been cancelled due to the global pandemic and basketball has been nowhere to be seen, until today. Every single continent ...

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Essential Skills for Dominating the Center Position in Basketball

If there is a role that has evolved in the modern era of basketball more than any other, that is the center position. The static big men that played on the post are a thing of the past, nowadays, the ...

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Top Tier Basketball Return’s to Spain in June – Hosted by Valencia Basket L’Alqueria del Basket, the premiere basketball complex located in the city of Valencia has made headlines once again. The facilities will host the ACB Liga Endesa 2020 ...

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