There is no simple answer to this question, but there is a good method to making your dream of playing basketball overseas a reality. This section will go over frequently asked questions by future Europrobasket attendee’s as well as answer some important questions for curious players interested in starting their professional overseas basketball careers. So, if you are wondering how to play basketball overseas, Europrobasket has your answer. Read through our FAQ and News articles for information, advice and How-To Guides. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

An agent’s profession is to “sell” their clients (players) to teams. Good, professional agents will only work for a limited number of clients (players). Maybe 10-20 max for an individual agent. More for a larger agency. They select the best possible candidates to sign to their agencies. If they don’t think they can make a good commission from you going to a team, or that it would be difficult to sell you to teams, they will not represent you or spend time working for you. They would rather spend more time on their other clients. Europrobasket is different. We don’t make money or commissions from sending our players to teams. This allows us to work hard for each and every one of our clients. Europrobasket has basketball agents on staff and personal contact with over 100 agents throughout the globe.

The facilities are closed to Europrobasket players on the weekends. Players have many hours of court time every day. Rest and recovery is just as important as training. We make sure our players have the rest they need and the training they require to improve. Anytime a Europrobasket player is in the facilities a Europrobasket staff member needs to be with them. The facilities are typically only available during normal practice times.

We recommend that you go directly to the hotel to check in and get settled in. If you are registered with us, you will have your reservation in your name. Just provide the hotel with your passport and inform them that you are with Europrobasket. Contact the director of Europrobasket when you are settled in.

Breakfast is included in the program fee and provided in the hotel. Lunches and dinners are the responsibility of the players although economical meal plan at a restaurant near the training facilities and hotel is available.

The cheapest and most convenient option to get from Valencia Airport to the hotel is by taxi. They are always available and rather inexpensive as the distance is relatively short. Make sure you have some extra cash Euros to cover the fee which ranges from 20-30 euros. They also accept card payments but not all cards work in Spain.

Europrobasket is located in Valencia, Spain which has its own airport: VLC is the airport code. Other options are Barcelona or Madrid, which have train service to Valencia.

This will depend on the offer a team makes you. We have had both cases during and after individual players programs. Make sure you have everything you need when you leave home so you are prepared to go directly to a team.

The answer to this question depends on where you are travelling from and what citizenship and passport you hold. Please consult your local consulate or travel website to find information and requirements for your country of origin.

If you are considering attending one of EuroProBasket’s Pro Placement Programs, you should prepare yourself many weeks in advance. Make a plan with basketball and conditioning workouts every day, twice a day if possible. A typical day in a EuroProBasket Pro Placement Program includes 4-6 hours of training per day. Also games every week. Make sure you physically prepare for this workload to prevent injury.

For our Professional Placement programs (Euro Professional, European Summer League and Women’s Program), we require players to be at least 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a guardian, with the maximum age allowed being 33 years old. We offer junior programs through a collaboration with Valencia Basket for international camps and academies which does not have this requirement and the typical age is 12 years and older.

When you register and pay for a program you will receive a detailed list on items you should bring with you to Valencia, Spain. The items you will need would be summer and winter clothes. Basketball shoes, braces, tights or other training under garments, a towel for the weight sessions, a laptop computer if available, any medicine you typically would take throughout the course of a month.

Once a registration and payment is made, we can provide and invitation letter. We will also provide an invoice, or in Spanish, a Factura, which states that you have paid for a program in Valencia, which includes details about the accommodation and program duration. With these documents and your own personal documents, you should be able to apply and receive a visa from your home country.

US currency is not accepted in most places in Europe or Spain. Sometimes only in a few money exchanges in Valencia Center or airports. To find a current exchange rate please use an exchange application or simple google “USD to EUROS”. You should be able to find a more accurate and current quote than asking a Europrobasket staff member.

Typically, this issue happens due to a fraud protection, the USA having the strongest and hardest to bypass. Many times, you will have contacted your bank and informed them about a purchase, and it will still be blocked, showing on our side but not on your banks end. Other options are to continue contacting your bank to find a solution or to register while selecting bank transfer or paypal as the payment option.

This problem happens for many different reasons. Please contact us for individual help with each case. Also, try using a different web browser and refreshing the page.

Europrobasket players train and play games in the Largest and most technologically advanced basketball training facility in Europe. We wish we had the budget to own it but we’re not there yet. It is owned and run by one of the biggest clubs in Europe, Valencia Basket.

Europrobasket will never gurantee a player a team or contract. This academy trains players and prepares them for overseas opportunities. We teach players the basic rules and systems of European basketball, and we do so with our professional staff of European coaches and Trainers. We guarantee the best opportunity to be seen by teams, managers, coaches, agents or scouts in Europe. During your time here you will be seen by more European contacts than ever before in your career. Whether or not you receive interest from a team depends on your level, basketball IQ, experience, work ethic, character and attitude.