Meet the Staff of European Coaches, Player Personnel Scouts and Overseas Basketball Agents

Our staff consists of directors, coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, scouts and agents. Europrobasket coaches are professionally certified with the highest level of certification provided in their home country. We invite coaches from all over Europe to share their knowledge of European basketball to our players, teams and clubs in attendance. Each and every Europrobasket head coach is hand selected to lead the program with respect to their extensive professional experience, educational background and insight into European basketball principles, fundamentals and tactics. All Europrobasket coaches and trainers are collegiately educated, some with multiple degree’s and masters’ in sports science, sports fitness, kinesiology, nutrition, biomechanics and sports management. Most have experience playing at the professional level which allows them to share their personal experiences in overseas basketball. We have contact with countless overseas basketball agents and agencies that we can offer your resume to. Once you show us your basketball level, we’ll showcase you to the contacts that will be interested in signing you.

It’s imperative that Europrobasket International Academy Staff members have substantial experience in Europe in respected leagues to provide the necessary training and education to help adjust our players to the European systems, tactics, rules and style of play in Europe.

Extensive Knowledge & Experience in European Basketball

Our players leave the program with an enormous amount of information to improve their chances at receiving offers in Europe. Put in the work here and you’ll gain multiple contacts in European clubs and with overseas basketball agents throughout the World.

What it takes to be a Europrobasket Head Coach

  • Multiple years of Experience coaching in Top Professional European Teams

  • Highest Certification in Country of Origin

  • Patience & Dedication

  • University Degree which is Sports Related

  • Fiba Certification

  • Great Communication Skills

  • Creative Ideas for Practices & Workouts