European Summer League Roster


Europe’s Largest Summer League – Player Roster

This roster of European Summer League players is sent to coaches, managers, scouts and agents throughout Europe. It is comprised of the base of players that EuroProBasket offers to teams throughout the season. If these players have not signed with a team during their time in the Summer League, they will be offered to teams throughout the season which in many cases results in them signing later on in the season.

Semin Burko

NameSemin Burko
PassportSerbia/Bosnia (Bosman B)PositionCenter
UniversityHeight6’10” – 210cm
Previous TeamVasarhely Kosarsuli (Hungarian B-Division)
DOBJan 4th 1999
CV LinkSemin Burko CVHighlight LinkHighlights 2021-22

Ralf Skesters

NameRalf Skesters
PassportLatvia (Bosman A)PositionCenter
UniversityHeight6’8” – 202 cm
Previous TeamValmiera Glass/VIA in PAF Latvian Estonian Basketball League 2021-22DOBAug 2nd 2001
CV LinkLeague StatsVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Daniel Cubra

NameDaniel Cubra
PassportFrance/Serbia (Bosman A)PositionPower Forward
UniversityVilleneuve-Sur- Lot France NM2 2021-22Height6’10” – 210cm
Previous TeamFCB Cartegena Spain EBA 2020-21DOB25/05/200
CV LinkDaniel Cubra CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

David Gabrovšek

NameDavid Gabrovšek
PassportSlovenia (Bosman A)PositionPower Forward/Center
UniversityHeight6’8’’ – 204 cm
Previous TeamStjarnan Iceland Subway League 2021-22DOBSep 18th 1994
CV LinkDavid Gabrovšek CVVideo LinkHighlights 2020-21

Matija Bulatovic

NameMatija Bulatovic
PassportSerbia (Bosman B)PositionPower Forward/Center
UniversityHeight6’6” – 199cm
Previous TeamZeleznicar Indjija (Serbian 1MRLS) 2021-22DOBJun 26th 2001
CV LinkMatija Bulatovic CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Tine Kotnik

NameTine Kotnik
PassportSlovenia (Bosman A)PositionPower Forward
UniversityHeight6’8” – 205 cm
Previous TeamEsclams Longueau France NM2 2021-22DOBMar 5th 2000
CV LinkCV Link Pro BallersVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Miles Brewster

NameMiles Brewster
UniversityBoston University NCAA D1 2020-22Height6’3” – 190 cm
Previous TeamBoston University NCAA D1 2021-22DOBMay 26th 2001
CV LinkMiles Brewster CV LinkVideo LinkHighlight

Lloyd Burgess

NameLloyd Burgess
UniversityUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro NCAA D1 2016-2019Height6’10” – 209 cm
Previous TeamTeuta Basket Club (Albanian Basketball Superliga) 2020-2021DOBDec 14th 1994
CV LinkLloyd Burgess CVVideo LinkHighlights

Elijah Hulsewe

NameElijah Hulsewe
UniversityUSC Aiken NCAA D2 CommitHeight7’0″ – 213 cm
Previous TeamHargrave Military AcademyDOBNov 6th 2002
CV LinkVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Nicolas Dierynck

NameNicolas Dierynck
PassportBelgium (Bosman A)PositionShooting Guard
UniversityErskine NCAA D2 2021-22Height6’3” – 191 cm
Previous TeamCantbasket (Spain – EBA) 
DOBApr 1st 1999
CV LinkNicolas Dierynck CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Japhet Kadji

NameJaphet Kadji
PassportCameroon/USA (Cotonou)PositionSmall Forward/Power Forward
UniversityNorth Carolina A&T State University
NCAA 2017-18
Height6’7” – 200 cm
Previous TeamAD Torreforta Spain Copa Catalunya 2021-22DOBFeb 9th 1995
CV LinkJaphet Kadji CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021

Hunter Preston

NameHunter Preston
PassportUSAPositionPower Forward
UniversityColumbus State University NCAA D2 2019-2022Height6’7” – 200 cm
Previous TeamColumbus State University NCAA D2 2021-2022DOBAug 11th 1999
CV LinkHunter Preston CV Real GMVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Kehmarr Mcmillian

NameKehmarr Mcmillian
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityWilliam Jessup University NAIA 2020-2021Height6’2” – 188 cm
Previous TeamWilliam Jessup University NAIA 2020-2021DOBJun 21st 1998
CV LinkKehmarr Mcmillian CVVideo LinkHighlights

Jordan Griggs

NameJordan Griggs
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityUniversity of the Cumberlands NAIA D1 2019-20Height6’4” – 195 cm
Previous TeamUniversity of the Cumberlands NAIA D1 2019-20DOBJan 18th 1997
CV LinkJordan Griggs CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021

Maxime Maisonnet

NameMaxime Maisonnet
PassportHaiti/USA (Cotonou)PositionPower Forward
UniversityWilberforce University NAIA 2015-18Height6’8” – 203 cm
Previous TeamWilberforce University NAIA 2017-18DOBJan 15th 1992
CV LinkMaxime Maisonnet CVVideo LinkHighlight

Michael Thompson III

NameMichael Thompson III
PassportUSAPositionSmall Forward
UniversityIndiana Wesleyan University (NAIA) 2020-2022Height6’4” – 193 cm
Previous TeamIndiana Wesleyan University (NAIA) 2021-2022DOBOct 31st 1997
CV LinkMichael Thompson CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Austin Mick

NameAustin Mick
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityCollege of Staten Island NCAA D2 2018-2022Height6´2″ – 190 cm
Previous TeamCollege of Staten Island NCAA D2 2021-2022DOBMar 16th 1998
CV LinkUniversity CV LinkVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Casey Carpinello

NameCasey Carpinello
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityPalm Beach Atlantic University NCAA D2 2015-2021Height6’3”- 191 cm
Previous TeamPalm Beach Atlantic University NCAA D2 2015-2021DOBJun 8th 1997
CV LinkCasey Carpinello Collegiate BioVideo LinkHighlights 2021

Shamir Davis

NameShamir Davis
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityNorthwestern State University NCAA D1 2009-13Height6’1” – 185 cm
Previous TeamGDP Badajoz Spain EBA 2015DOBJan 15th 1991
CV LinkShamir Davis CVVideo LinkHighlights 2012-13

Timothy Jones Jr

NameTimothy Jones Jr
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard
UniversityEastern Mennonite University NCAA D3 2017-22Height6’0” – 183 cm
Previous TeamEastern Mennonite University NCAA D3 2011-22DOBJan 2nd 1999
CV LinkTimothy Jones Jr CVVideo LinkHighlight 2021-22

Zac’Aree Owens

NameZac’Aree Owens
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard
UniversityBethel University NAIA 2018-22Height6’0” – 183 cm
Previous TeamBethel University NAIA 2021-22DOBDec 22nd 1998
CV LinkZac’Aree Owens CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021

Theo Thomas

NameTheo Thomas
UniversityLaurentian University Canada USPORTS 2015-20Height6’4” – 193 cm
Previous TeamSudbury Five Canada NBL 2022DOBMay 20th 1996
CV LinkTheo Thomas CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22 Moldova

Anthony Diaz

NameAnthony Diaz
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard
UniversityNorth Park University NCAA D3 2020-22Height6’0” – 183 cm
Previous TeamNorth Park University NCAA D3 2021-22DOBNov 10th 1998
CV LinkAnthony Diaz CVVideo Link

Joshua Strongman

NameJoshua Strongman
PassportUnited Kingdom (Bosman B)PositionPower Forward
UniversityUniversity of the West of England- UWE Jets (BUCS Premier Division) 2020-22Height6’6” – 198 cm
Previous TeamBristol Academy Flyers NBL D2 England 2021-22DOBFeb 12th 2000
CV LinkJoshua Strongman CVVideo LinkHighlight 2021-22

Shequell Gilgeous-Glasgow

NameShequell Gilgeous-Glasgow
PassportCanadaPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityConestoga College Condors Canada OCAA 2017-20Height6’4” – 193 cm
Previous TeamConestoga College Condors Canada OCAA 2019-20DOBNov 12th 1997
CV LinkShequell Gilgeous-Glasgow CVVideo LinkHighlights 2019-20

Edward Finalyson

NameEdward Finalyson
PassportAustraliaPositionPoint Guard
UniversityChaminade University NCAA D2Height6’0” – 183 cm
Previous TeamSydney Comets NBL1 EAST 2021-2022DOBSep 17th 1997
CV LinkEdward Finalyson CVVideo LinkFull Game #55

Chris Whitson

NameChris Whitson
PassportAustraliaPositionShooting Guard
UniversityHeight6’3” – 190 cm
Previous TeamSunshine Coast Phoenix Under 21 D1  SQJBC – Premier League 2020-21DOBFeb 20th 2001
CV LinkChris Whitson CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021

D’Andre Austin

NameD’Andre Austin
PassportCanadaPositionShooting Guard
UniversityFanshawe College Canada OCCA 2016-20Height6’2’’ – 187 cm
Previous TeamFanshawe College Canada OCCA 2019-20DOBOct 8th 1997
CV LinkD’Andre Austin CVVideo LinkHighlights 2019-20

Michael Jones

NameMichael Jones
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityBryn Athyn College NCAA D3 2018-22Height5’10” – 178 cm
Previous TeamBryn Athyn College NCAA D3 20121-22DOBDec 19th 1999
CV LinkMichael Jones CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Timur Kahramanoglu

NameTimur Kahramanoglu
PassportTurkey (Bosman B)PositionForward
UniversityYeditepe UniversityHeight6’3” – 191 cm
Previous TeamHigh Touch team (U21 & Main team) TB2L
DOBJan 28th 2003
CV LinkTimur Kahramanoglu CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Jeffery Johnson

NameJeffery Johnson
PassportUSAPositionPoint Guard/Shooting Guard
UniversityMississippi State University NCAA D1 2014-2015Height6’2” – 188 cm
Previous TeamHub City Cyclones (BBA SEMI-PRO) 2018-19DOBNov 29th 1991
CV LinkJeffery Johnson CVVideo LinkHighlight 2019

Righ Dau

NameRigh Dau
PassportUSAPositionShooting Guard/Small Forward
UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin – Stout
NCAA D3 2016-17
Height6’4” – 193 cm
Previous TeamKeyano Huskies Canada CCAA 2021-22DOBJul 7th 1996
CV LinkRigh Dau CVVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

Elijah Crump

NameElijah Crump
UniversityKnox College Prairie Fire (NCAA D3) 2018-22Height6’2” – 188 cm
Previous TeamKnox College Prairie Fire (NCAA D3) 2021-22DOBFeb 10th 2000
CV LinkElijah Crump University BioVideo LinkHighlights 2021-22

EuroPro Player

NameJeremiah Testa
UniversityMenlo College (NAIA) 2016-2020Height6’3” – 190 cm
Previous TeamMenlo College (NAIA) 2019-2020DOBDec 30th 1997
CV LinkJeremiah Testa CVVideo LinkUniversity Highlights 2016-20

Where players went after Europrobasket’s European Summer League

European Summer League 2016

Christopher Lee HortmanGermany190 cmG
Christopher TurnquestSpain206 cmPF
Brian HollandSpain190 cmG
Kevaunte MooreSpain195 cmSF/PF
Kyle HussleinGuam187 cmPG/SG
David McDanielSpain195 cmG
Scott KraaijenboschBelgium187 cmPG/SG
Andrey ZverkovRussia200 cmSF/PF
Augustin OkosonBahrain210 cmPF/C
Carlos Marrero SimonUSA190 cmPG/SG
Darko DimkovskiGermany198 cmSG/SF
Georgios RoumeliotisGreece192 cmPG/SG
Michaloglou AntonisGreece206 cmPF/C
Chrisis AntonisGreece201 cmPF/C
Tsimidis GeorgiosGreece204 cmPF/C
Apostolidis ApostolosGreece193 cmPG/SG
Paraskeva “Paris” MartzosGreece196 cmSF
Moukas GeorgeGreece199 cmSG/SF
Enrico Di CosteItaly218 cmC
Connor TuxfordSpain213 cmC
Imanol ArtinaňoUSA203 cmPF
Roman GumenyukUkraine220 cmC
Maurice StewartSpain196cmPF/C

European Summer League 2017

Lazar PetrovicIreland185cmPG/SG
Emeka OkoronkwoPortugal188cmPG/SG
Carlos MarreroSpain190cmPG/SG
Cory BlauSpain194cmSG/PG
Dooh CollinsFrance190cmSG
Ritchy BobebeFrance185cmPG/SG
Tariq MartinSpain188cmSF
Jason NwisienyiAustralia200cmPF
Jose L. Cruz-SollaUSA200cmSF/PF
Imanol ArtiñanoSpain203cmPF/C
Sean McDonnellSpain203cmPF/C
Corso InnocentiItaly203cmPF/C
Eric NelsonSpain189cmSF
Sinisa CvetanovicRomania203cmPF
Bob Van ZijverdenLithuania216cmC
Milos StojanovicSerbia205cmC/PF
Nikola VujovicUkraine210cmC
Dusan OgnjenovicSaudi Arabia216cmC

European Summer League 2018

Zachary TurcotteSpain6’8” 203cm4/5
Donovan RobinsonSpain5’9” 175cm1/2
Jonathan WilsonSpain6’6” 198cm4
Adaku AnumuPortugal6’3” 190cm2/3
Daulton HalfacreSpain6’3” 190cm3
Rishawd HendricksSpain6’2” 188cm2/1
Christopher HortmanCroatia/Germany6’3” 190cm3/2
Don Stephens IISpain6’3” 190cm2/3
Chris MoxleySpain5’11” 180cm1
Loving OlanrewajuSpain6’3” 190cm3
Tatsuya SakaiSpain5’6”1
Thomas DurandFrance6’3” 190cm2
Giorgi GoguaArmenia6’8” 203cm4/5
Loick MendesFrance6’5” 196cm4/3
Igor CvorovicSpain6’9” 205cm3/4
Abou DialloFrance6’8” 203cm4
Connor TuxfordSpain7’0” 213cm5
Marcelo RuedigerBrasil6’10” 210cm5
Nikola LakicSerbia6’7” 201cm4

European Summer League 2019

Javier Nicolau AledonSpain6’10” 209cm4/5
Ignas LukošiusLithuania6’8” 202cm5/4
Antonio José Morales RosSpain6’9” 205cm4/5
Bojan NesicSpain6’4” 195cm1/2
Roberto FortesAngola6’4” 195cm2/1/3
Filip JasinskiPoland6’3” 192cm2/1
Pere JuranSpain6’2” 190cm2/1
David TsergerUSA6’9” 206cm3
Justin ItonPortugal6’6” 198cm4/3
Adebayo BabalolaPortugal6’4” 195cm3
Anthony RombautNetherlands6’4” 195cm2/1