Looking For an Elite Personal Basketball Trainer to Transform Your Game? Here’s How Much It Costs

How much does a personal basketball trainer cost

How much does a personal basketball trainer cost?

If you’re looking for specialist training sessions to take your game to the next level, then finding the right basketball coach is likely to be at the top of your to-do list. 

Yet ticking it off can be difficult when you have doubts over the following:

  • How much money you’re going to need per week or month to pay for this personal training
  • How to find the right private basketball trainer to help you improve
  • How to know which type of training you need exactly; such as which skills to focus on or whether to go for group or individual sessions, for example. 

One thing’s for sure, though. All top basketball players have benefited from specialist training: it’s what’s helped them reach the summit of the sport.

But even if you don’t get to the top level, as most people don’t, specialized basketball training still has other huge benefits, including improving cognitive performance, according to Nature, a leading science research magazine.

So, how can you be sure to find the right type of training for you?

Finding out the answer to the question of “How much does a personal basketball trainer cost?” is a good place to start. 

From there you can then explore your options, evaluate different trainers and  basketball programs, and make an informed decision that fits with your goals and budget.

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What is a trainer in basketball? 

how much does a personal basketball trainer cost

Anyone who helps players with their skill development, physical condition, and teamwork might call themselves a personal trainer in basketball.

But there’s a big difference between a professionally certified coach and one who isn’t. 

A certified coach has a much deeper understanding of the sport’s fundamentals and what players need to know at what age. They’ll know the various training techniques to use to improve all areas of your game, including basketball shooting, ball handling, defense, and game strategy.

Crucially, they’ll also know how to provide motivation and support off the court, which can be a game-changer in your development. 

How much does a personal basketball trainer cost?

So, with that in mind, let’s take a shot at answering the question: how much does a personal basketball trainer cost?

To do this, we can look at real-life examples to give us a precise idea.

In the United States, a quick look on Google will show that top-tier trainers can cost around $150 (139€) per hour to prepare players for high school or professional basketball leagues. 

This price lowers according to the experience of the trainer and skill level of the player: an intermediate level coach, for example, typically charges between $60-100 (55-92€). 

Even in Spain, where prices tend to be much lower, professional coaches can command a sizeable fee. 

Brad Kanis is CEO and founder of EuroProBasket (EPB) International Academy, one of Europe’s leading basketball schools. After founding EPB in 2015, he has helped players of all levels develop their game and he has an in-depth knowledge of local basketball prices.

“In Valencia, you can find young beginner coaches for $32 (30€) an hour. For intermediate level, you’re going to need around $65 to $85 (60 to 80€). Professional coaches are normally over $85 (80€).” says the coach, who has taken part in the NBA Summer League.

how much does a personal basketball trainer cost overseas

These prices, however, are rough guidelines and will depend on a variety of factors that affect what a coach will charge you for training.

How much does a personal basketball trainer cost? Important factors to consider

When weighing up a personal basketball trainer’s cost, it’s best to consider several  elements that can affect the investment you make. 

The coach’s experience

As mentioned above, the certificate that a coach holds is sure to affect the quality of the training you receive along with their years of experience – and these will also push up the price.

The extra money spent will be worth it, though, as you’re much more likely to accelerate your improvement with a certified coach.

The facilities

The quality of your surroundings should also dictate the price. For example, training indoors (with air conditioning) is often more comfortable than outdoors, which is subject to the weather. 

The type of court you train on is also important. You may find that you’re more comfortable on rubber floors which absorb shock more, while wooden surfaces offer a more consistent ball response. Lighting, too, can impact how you train: if the space is well-lit then you’ll get the option of training at night!

One last thing: do you get your own locker space to change and shower? This could be handy after a long day. 


Does the trainer include materials in the price? Many provide cones, dummies, and shooting machines that help you improve the game. If they don’t have these, then you may have to buy them yourself or go without.


Popular certified coaches may be tough to pin down, which is why it’s a good idea to book basketball lessons as far in advance as possible.

Does the coach’s schedule align with yours? If not, then you may face problems later down the line.


The best basketball training plans are a tailored experience, so it’s best to target specific skills that you’d like to improve, as well as your all round game. 

A good coach will assess your general play then make a recommendation on what you need to work on, be it dribbling, shooting, or another aspect.

Group size

You may want to improve your basketball skills with group training. Most coaches will charge a slightly higher price for group workouts meaning you get to split the cost and pay much less (per person) for the session. You also get to rest a little more and give you other players to compete against.

Large groups of over five players, though, tend to suffer as it’s difficult for the coach to focus on each person’s basketball game.

How to find a good basketball trainer? Try Europe’s elite basketball academy 

You may think that getting the best possible coach, facilities, and equipment is going to cost you a fortune, but one academy is providing elite training services at affordable prices.

EuroProBasket International Academy is one of Spain’s leading certified basketball schools. It offers players a pathway to pro basketball via guaranteed placements, elite training, and an extensive network of exposure opportunities. 

how much does a personal basketball trainer cost

All sessions are with a professionally certified coach, and its academy offers the most advanced basketball training facilities in Europe, including:

  • 13 courts (nine indoor and four outdoor) spread over a 15,000 m² sports complex
  • One central court with a 500-seat capacity
  • Two weight rooms with basketball-specific equipment
  • A full medical clinic with the latest physiotherapy recovery technology
  • Classrooms and shooting machines

“We provide a professionally certified basketball coach whether the player is advanced or beginner,” says CEO Brad Kanis. “Two of our coaches, Tim Springer and Dave Love, are NBA/WNBA level trainers. We don’t have amateur coaches.

So, bearing in mind the state-of-the-art facilities and elite coaching staff, what are the basketball training prices at EuroProBasket?

Individual sessions with a top-tier coach cost as little as less than $65 (60€) per hour. That’s less than most intermediate coaches in the US and Spain charge. 

A small group session (maximum five students), meanwhile, costs as little as $56 (52€) per hour, or 10.40€ per person if split between five people.

Here’s a quick price comparison. 

how much does a personal basketball trainer cost overseas

Finding the right basketball trainer can be daunting, but EuroProBasket offers an enticing solution. 

For less than the price of an amateur coach in the US, you get the chance to work with professionally certified coaches in state-of-the-art facilities. 

As one of Europe’s leading academies in one of the continent’s sunniest cities, EPB is the perfect gateway for you to pursue your basketball dreams.

Ready to fast-track your game development at an affordable price? Contact EPB right now to find out more about our personal basketball trainer program and how we can help you become the best basketball player you can be