Direct Bank Transfer

Thank you for your registration with EuroProBasket International Academy! We have received your registration but will not be able to fully process it until your bank transfer has been made. Please use the bank document attached to this email to complete your full payment or deposit. Make sure to use the players name and order number as the reference for the transfer. Then take a picture or scan copy of your receipt from the bank and send it to us via email at Once this is complete we will finish the registration and will be awaiting your arrival. If the transfer has not been made within 5 business days we will remove the registration from the system. Below you will find the confirmation email with more detailed information. Thank you and look forward to seeing you here!

The most convenient option as far as arrival to the academy would be to fly into Valencia Airport. Other options are to fly to Madrid or Barcelona, and then take a train to Valencia. Attached to this email you will find a document with Transportation options from Valencia Airport to the facilities. We recommend for players to check into the hotel upon arrival to Valencia. The best option is to get from the Valencia Airport to the Hotel is to take a taxi as it is only 12 kms. We do not provide a driver for pickup. If you have a special circumstance, please contact us by email.

Best Airport to use: Valencia Airport (VLC)

For All Programs (Except the August Program): players are housed in Hotel B&B Ciudad de las Ciencias.

in Valencia, Spain:

B&B Hotel Valencia Ciudad de las Ciencias

Av. d’Ausiàs March, 99, 46013 València, Valencia

L’Alqueria del Basket

Our basketball facilities are located in Valencia, Spain, just 8 minutes walking distance from the hotel. You can find the information and location for the Practice and Game Facilities by following this link:

August Program Players: You will be staying in a student residence a few kilometers from the training facility. There will be bus transportation to and from the training sessions and games. Here you have the name and location of the residence for your stay during the month of August:

Residencia Universitaria Micampus Galileo Galilei

Av. dels Tarongers, 46022 València, Valencia

Payment Options:

The remaining balance can be paid when it is most convenient for the player. Be aware that if you do a bank transfer, it will take a few days for it to clear our account and the player will not be able to begin training until it clears.

  1. Bank Transfer – We will attach the bank document to this email. You will also have a copy of the bank information as a confirmation when you register. You will need to take this document to your bank to make the transfer to the academy account, or use it to make a payment online. Once this has been done, please send us an email with the scanned copy of the receipt your bank issues you when you make the deposit. You can send it to
  2. Paypal – After making the deposit via paypal, you can pay the rest of the fee by sending a payment from your paypal to our account using this link: PayPal.Me/Europrobasket or via this email: We can also send you a money request for the amount you would like to pay. Please remember to add 4.6% to the amount you send as this is what paypal charges. Simple equation: amount to send x 1.046 = amount needed to be sent if using paypal.
  3. Credit Card – You can pay via card in the registration page. If you just paid the deposit and would like to pay the rest, please let us know when you are ready to make the payment for the remaining balance. We will send you a link where you can fill out your card details and pay the remaining amount.
  4. Cash – Players are welcome to pay their remaining balance in cash EUROS upon arrival to the facilities. It can needs to be paid before the first practice at the training facilities.

Please be aware that you will need to contact your bank and tell them you will be travelling abroad to Spain. Your card can be blocked or locked when you are here if you do not inform them. You will have a maximum spending limit when you are overseas to protect your account from fraud.

DO NOT come and expect to pay with a card. We will not accept your card here at the facilities. You will not be allowed to practice until your entire program is paid in full, and you will be using your deposit amount to stay in the hotel for just 4 days. After that the hotel will ask you to check out.

Registration will not be completed, and your spot will not be saved until you make a deposit or full payment.


Breakfast is provided by the hotel (Residence for August players) you will be staying. We have a collaboration with a restaurant that provides meal vouchers to EuroProBasket players. The restaurant is near the hotel and training facilities. They provide quality home cooked meals for athletes at an affordable cost. More information about the meal plan is in the PDF attached to this email. There is a mall with a food court and grocery store just a few minutes walk from the hotel as well as a many cafés and restaurants. Here you have the google link location for El Saler Shopping Mall and Supermarket:

What to bring

We advise players to bring spending money for transportation to and from airports. You will also need your basketball shoes, braces, pads, and tights for playing. You will receive uniforms for games as well as practice jersey’s and shorts. Summers in Spain are warm so clothes should be shorts and Tee shirts with a light jacket for the evenings. Mornings can be brisk so some warm-ups should be used as well. Winters in Spain can be very cold, warm clothes and heavy coats will be needed. If you plan to stay an entire season bring clothes for summer and winter. Players are occasionally signed to teams in very cold country’s so plan accordingly. The power plugs are different here but most devices such as: phone chargers, laptops, tablet chargers and other electronics will just need a small and inexpensive adapter that you can pick up at the Shopping Center around the corner from the hotel. Shavers and other electric bathroom grooming products may need a more expensive converter. We highly recommend that you bring a laptop if you have one available. You can edit your film and make highlights during your stay and if you go to a team. Please remember to BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL or multiple towels for the weight room sessions. It is obligatory to have your own towel and you will not be allowed in the weight room sessions without it.

Early Arrival and Extra Days

If you plan on arriving a day or more earlier or staying days after your program, please be aware that there is an extra fee for each additional day. You can either communicate the early arrival or late departure with us and pay through us or you can make your own reservation through the hotel. Please be aware, reservations made directly to the hotel do not include training or meals. Please respond to this email for more information. Please make these changes with advanced notice or it could result in loosing days or paying extra fee’s due to the hotel reserving the room.

Extra Court Time

EuroProBasket does not own the facilities that we train and play games in. They are owned and run by Valencia Basket. Our players are not allowed to use the facilities other than our scheduled practice and game times. Please do not visit the facilities to practice on your own. The security will stop you and contact our staff. Participants in our program will have 4-6 hours of practice and training daily as well as weekly games. The weekends will be recovery time unless we have a tournament that we are involved in. The facilities can be visited to watch practices or games from the club’s Teams. They will need to be viewed from the stands and not the court though.

Changes to Arrival Date

If you plan on arriving a different day than you registered for please notify us immediately by email. Your reservation will be made on the date that you register for. That means your check in to the hotel will be for that date. If you arrive a day later the hotel will still charge for that day as they could not sell that room to another customer. If you arrive a day early you will need to pay for that extra day. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your arrival or departure days.


We strongly encourage you to create a training plan to prepare yourself before you come to the academy. Academy practices and games are very strenuous and will mimic those of professional teams across Europe. Preparation for this type of training should begin weeks before arrival. The more you prepare yourself, the easier the transition. You will not have time to ease yourself into training. We have games every week and sometimes International Tournaments with up to 4 games in a weekend! You need to be prepared for this workload to show your very best and to limit the possibility of injury.

Health Insurance

We require that all players have medical insurance in case of injury or illness. This is an inexpensive insurance but is necessary for all players entering the country as well as participating in the academy program. If you come without insurance, you will not be able to practice or play games until we see proof of insurance. IMG Travel offers an inexpensive and easily accessible coverage.

Travel to Spain

It is important to note that most players, unless the necessary measures have been taken to apply and receive a longer stay visa, will arrive to Europe or Spain and receive a tourist visa. This tourist visa, for Americans and many other countries, is for 90 days. Please check the conditions of visas for your nationality. At the end of these 90 days you will need to return to your country of origin or you will be considered “irregular” which is not recommended by us. If you sign a contract with a professional team, they can help you with obtaining a visa to stay the entire season.

It is important to note that most players, unless the necessary measures have been taken to apply and receive a longer stay visa, will arrive to Europe or Spain and receive a tourist visa. This tourist visa for Americans is for 90 days. Please check the conditions of visas for your nationality. At the end of these 90 days you will need to return to your country of origin or you will be considered “irregular” which is not recommended by us. If you sign a contract with a professional team, they can help you with obtaining a visa to stay the entire season.

EuroProBasket WhatsApp Broadcast Group

Please send a message to the EuroProBasket number provided and make sure you add the number to your phone’s address/contact book to receive updates on practice schedules and information. Also, message this number if you have any questions about anything and when you arrive to the hotel and check in: +34665489781

We ask that all players coming to the academy and/or summer league take their time here very seriously. All the players attending are professionals or looking to become professionals. Coaches, agents, and teams will not waste their time looking at players that are not serious about their careers. We will not waste our time or hurt our reputation by offering players to teams and sending them to tryouts if they cannot behave as professionals here in the program. Come in shape! Come hungry! Come ready! Come get signed!!!

Bank Transfer information

Economical Meal Plan

Valencia Transportation Information