EuroProBasket Player Kingslee D’Silva on Tryout in Spain

Kingslee Dsilva Tryout

Canadian forward Kingslee D’Silva went on a tryout this week following a solid week in the EuroProBasket program. Kingslee played his collegiate career in both the 1st and 2nd Canadian divisions.

Kingslee started his collegiate career at The University of Guelf and played there 3 seasons. He later transferred to George Brown College in the OCCA.

 Tryout Kingslee D'Silva Europrobasket

At George Brown he played a more important roll and actually led his team to it’s first Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Championship in 44 years! He scored 20 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and was named the championship MVP for the tournament.

“I decided to attend EuroProBasket because there wasn’t very many opportunities in Canada for professional basketball because of the pandemic.”

– Kingslee D’Silva –

Kingslee’s last year playing was 2019-20 which made getting offers and interest from teams overseas difficult. His goal is to be in a good league by the end of this year and to keep competing at the highest level possible. It seems he is already on his way to accomplish that goal.

Kingslee D'Silva Europrobasket Tryout

“At EuroProBasket, I’ve learned the importance of team basketball and appropriate shot selection. My experience here has been a very informational in terms of adapting to the game and understanding the business side of basketball.”

– Kingslee D’Silva –

His tryout will take place over the course of 2-3 days and will be done in a well respected club in the Northern region of Spain in Catalunya.

“I have attended showcases before but EuroProBasket gives players more opportunities with practices and games against actual professional teams.”

– Kingslee D’Silva –
 Tryout Kingslee D'Silva Spain