EuroProBasket Player on Tryout in Spain

Janis Tomaschek Tryout

EuroProBasket player Janis Tomaschek arrived to his 5-6 day tryout with a team in Spain. The opportunity involves practicing and playing games with a team in a starter league in Spain while practicing with a team in LEB Oro (Spain’s 2nd Division).

This setup will give Janis the opportunity to gain confidence and compete with players in two different levels while gaining experience and exposure in both. It could potentially lead to him playing games with the team in LEB Oro, giving him exposure in one of Europe’s most competitive leagues.

Janis Tomaschek attended EuroProBasket in January of 2022. After just one week he was offered a contract with a team in Liga EBA. He ended up signing with that team and playing the remainder of the 2021-22 season with them.

Once finished with his season Janis returned to EuroProBasket and began training and working towards his next opportunity. He was offered to multiple openings on teams and accepted this unique opportunity in which he arrived this week.