Europrobasket player Scotty Tyler signs in Leb Plata ??!


Europrobasket player Scotty Tyler made a big promotion from EBA to Leb Plata this season. Scotty attended Europrobasket in September of 2018. He had the opportunity to compete against multiple local teams as well as a professional team from Iceland. Due to his performance in the program he was offered to an EBA team near Valencia after just a few weeks in the program. Scotty performed very well with his team this past season. He was offered to multiple teams this season by Europrobasket staff as there was a lot of interest in him due to his performance in EBA. CB Benicarló, just North of Valencia showed interest and made an offer for Scotty to play for their club as they moved up a division this past season with the help of Europrobasket player Byron Richards. Scotty will be the 3rd Europrobasket player to sign in Leb Silver with CB Benicarló this year. Congrats to Scotty and we look forward to seeing CB Benicarló battle in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe!