Top Tier Basketball Return’s to Spain in June – Hosted by Valencia Basket

L’Alqueria del Basket, the premiere basketball complex located in the city of Valencia has made headlines once again. The facilities will host the ACB Liga Endesa 2020 Final Tournament. Valencia’s candidacy was, by far, the one that obtained the best score in the evaluation of the nine possible venues presented to host the event. L’Alqueria del Basket’s bid was successful due not only to the state of the art facilities, but also thanks to a project that emphasized its health plan, which was key considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, basketball returns in Spain.

A Hospital set up on the Excess Basketball Courts

The facility management and medical team has developed an integrated plan that focuses on creating a sanitary bubble that will isolate them from the outside World until the completion of the competition. The plan includes an Advanced Medical Center in L’Alqueria, designed to minimize visits to hospitals or clinics. There will be four specifically designed medical boxes in L’Alqueria building. Internists, Podiatrists, Traumatologists, and Dentists will be available for players as well as MRI and Ultrasound machines. Also included is a 24-hour pharmacy to reduce the need to leave the facilities. The health protocol will be addressed together with the ACB League supervision.  More than 600 professionals will be on board to carry out the plan and to maker sure basketball returns with safety.

12 Teams – 2 Groups – 33 Games – One Champion

On the sports side, the 12 Spanish teams involved in the final competition will be split into two groups of six teams, distributed according to their classification in the regular league following the distribution criteria equivalent to the Playoff format. All teams will play five games, one against each rival in their group. The top two ranking teams in each group will meet in the semifinals, and the winners will play the final, in both cases in a single match. In total, 33 matches will be played within two weeks.

The NBA is Taking Notes

In a context in which most competitions have been suspended (Euroleague, Serie A Italy, LNB France) or have just recently decided the new format (NBA), the eyes of the basketball world will be on Valencia for over two weeks. The plan of Valencia Basket, in cooperation with the acb, to finish the Liga Endesa competition is being followed closely by the NBA, which is still deciding on their method to finish the season.