Position: Guard

City: Castellon, Spain

Year: 2023-24

David-Emile Camara, 6’4″ Guard originally from the Ivory Coast, signed in Castellon, Spain for the the 2023-24 season. David Camara attended the EuroProBasket European Summer League 6 Week Program where he trained and prepared for the biggest senior summer league in Europe. He attended EuroProBasket back in 2018 as a young and inexperienced player. He worked hard and learned a lot during his first few weeks in the program. Upon returning in 2023 the EuroProBasket staff noticed that David was a much different player both physically and mentally. So much so that he earned the “Cultura del Esfuerzo” award for his hard work and always being present throughout the entire program. His performance in this year’s summer league garnered interest from a local Spanish team which led to an offer to join them for the 2023-24 season. This will be David’s first contract playing professional basketball in Europe.

General info

Born: January 4th 2000
Nationality: Ivory Coast/France (Bosman A)
Height: 6’4″ – 195 cm
Previous Team: EuroProBasket European Summer League June 2023

Previous experience

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