The New Valencia Arena – The Epicenter of Basketball in Europe

Valencia Arena

Valencia Spain is quickly becoming the center of basketball in Europe. Juan Roig, the major shareholder of Valencia Basket, has started another ambitious project to improve basketball in Valencia and Spain in general. With a 220 million euro endowment, the España, broke ground this past week. This is the 2nd massive building project being developed in connection with Valencia Basket.

The new Valencia arena boasts a capacity of 15,600 for sporting events as well as over 18,000 capacity for concerts and performances. There will be a central court and an auxiliary court for Valencia Basket practices. With the addition of the new arena a 3 city block area will include 16 courts with 3 center courts for professional competitions.

How does this impact Europrobasket?

Europrobasket is located in the center of European basketball. We train, play games, and are scouted in the largest and most advanced basketball facilities in Europe. We are also sandwiched between two professional arenas with a combined capacity of over 20,000 spectators. All of the main basketball tournaments and events will be held here in the same facilities. Due to the fact that Valencia Basket is in the Euroleague for men and Eurocup for women already means the best teams in Europe pass through the facilities on a weekly basis, giving our players even more exposure to the highest level of basketball. Europrobasket players also enjoy the opportunity to attend games and tournaments involving some of the best players in European basketball.


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