Basketball Camps in Europe: 7 Tips To Score the Best Camp for Budding Players

basketball camps europe

You know you want to study basketball abroad, you’ve Googled basketball camps in Europe, and you’re now sitting looking at a list of options in front of you. 

Now what do you do?

There may be lots of places for you to choose from, but making the right decision is difficult. Especially if it’s the first time you’ve thought about going to a basketball camp in Europe and you don’t have much time to search for the right place!

Making the right choice, however, can save you a lot of trouble in the future. If you can find the right youth camp for you, then your chances of becoming the best basketball player possible go up massively.

So, how do you make this life-changing decision? What are the fundamentals you must consider? 

Follow this guide to put you on the right path to the best youth basketball camps Europe has to offer. 

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7 essential tips when looking for basketball camps in Europe

1. Look for signs of a positive reputation

The simple truth is that you never truly know what a training camp is like until you’ve spent some time there, but we can dig out some pretty big clues about it online. 

Positive reviews and testimonials are great places to start. All good youth camps will have plenty of praise on their website and social media, and these comments will give you a great idea of what to expect if you sign up. 

Many international camps also have famous success stories of pro players who’ve helped make it to the big time. Perhaps they could do the same for you!

Other nuggets of info you could search for include when the camp was established (successful places tend to stick around for a while) and whether it’s partnered with other local basketball organizations. 

These both speak volumes about the camp’s professionalism and stability.

2. Research their coaching staff

You should already have an idea of a camp’s coaching staff from its reviews, but you can back this up by looking up their qualifications. 

The camp website should tell you whether the coaches hold high-quality certifications. The USA NBA qualification, for example, is one of the most prestigious around and shows that the trainer has a deep understanding of NBA-endorsed coaching principles and skill development. 

The coaches should, of course, speak English (unless you’re fluent in their language!)  which may not always be the case in Spanish and Italian camps, for example.

Brad Kanis is CEO and founder of EuroProBasket (EPB) International Academy, one of Europe’s leading basketball schools. EPB is a great example of a camp abroad that provides NBA/WNBA level trainers. 

“We provide a professionally certified basketball coach whether the player is advanced or a beginner. “ he says. “We don’t have amateur coaches in our program”.

basketball camp europe

A final good idea is to do a background check on the coaching staff. The head coach, for example, should have their own page dedicated to their experience and achievements. 

Professional coaching is a minimum at a basketball camp for young players, but doing some extra work to see if you match with a trainer’s style and experience pays off.

3. Confirm the camp’s focus

Different basketball camps have different objectives. 

If you’re simply looking to take your skills to the next level, then many basketball summer camps in Europe can help you do that. 

If you want to take a shot at going pro, however, then you’re going to need a dedicated basketball academy with a proven record of helping young players make the jump into paid playing. 

Camps with this focus will have programs designed with the professional player in mind. Fully certified basketball coaches will run these and will ensure a higher standard of mentorship and more intense training sessions than your average course. 

Finding a camp with the same focus as you is essential in achieving your goals: it’ll also save you a ton of time and money later on!

4. Check out what its programs offer (and if they’re affordable)

Once you’re sure a camp shares your focus, then research what its programs offer. 

Many of the best centers offer courses of varying lengths, from a few weeks to a few months. All of these should have a healthy mix of the following:

  • Skill development training
  • A competitive game schedule where you can put your skills into practice
  • Fitness training using on-site gym equipment. 

Some youth camps only offer training, which is fine for improving skills but doesn’t give you the intensity of a real game.

There should also be the option of individual or group classes. You might think that you only need one-on-one sessions, but small groups offer several benefits. 

Brad Kanis believes groups can lead to rapid improvement. 

“Small groups give you other players to compete against. If they are fewer than five players, then the coach can still focus on you individually and afford you a little break between exercises. They’re also typically cheaper than solo sessions.”

basketball camp europe

Finally, make sure the pricing fits within your budget, whichever program you opt for. There’s always a chance that the camp is overcharging for its services and facilities, so it’s a good idea to do your homework on this. 

5. Find out if it offers post-training opportunities.

If you’re looking to have a basketball career, then training and practice games are just the first steps: you’ll also want to know what to do once you finish. 

The best basketball camps in Europe have access to a network of professional clubs and FIBA-approved agents that help players make the transition into the world of competitive basketball. 

These contacts might work for local basketball teams that regularly take part in tournaments and often need players to turn out for them at short notice. They’re used to guiding and supporting players through their first pro steps, so their experience could be invaluable. 

Basketball camps with connections to the pro world set themselves apart from just a high school or day camp that provides training: they offer real pathways to professional opportunities.

6. Study the facilities each camp offers

Great basketball facilities are the launching pad for a career in pro basketball, with the latest equipment, the right courts, and the correct background set-up providing the fuel needed for you to soar to new heights.

Here are some questions to ask about each center’s facilities: 

  • Does it offer indoor and outdoor courts? A mix of both is ideal in case of bad weather and also offers versatile training environments.
  • Does it offer heating and/or air conditioning? The latter is essential for summer basketball camps in warm countries
  • Does it have FIBA-approved floors or just plain wooden ones? FIBA surfaces follow guidelines that reduce the risk of injury. 
  • Does it provide full board dining facilities? A poor diet can be a distraction and affect your frame of mind.
  • Does it have top-class equipment, including quality balls, shooting machines, and gym facilities?

The quality of basketball facilities can impact your development and readiness to pursue a career in professional basketball. 

Make sure you choose a center with the resources to help you excel.

7. Read up on the camp’s location and transport links

You could choose one of the best basketball training camps Europe has to offer, but it won’t mean much if it’s in the middle of nowhere. 

First, look up how long it will take you to get there from the local airport or train station. If you’re landing in Europe from the States, let’s say, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours on the local transport. Some camps will even organize a pick-up for you once you land.

Then, find out how close it is to local amenities. Spain, Italy, and France are three European countries with amazing local culture, so it’s cool to be able to check out monuments, shops, and restaurants in your down time.

Great surroundings can be the boost to your spirit you need after intense training, and may just give you the boost you need to make your trip a success.

Go pro with EPB: One of the elite basketball camps in Europe

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  • L’Alqueria del Basket, Europe’s elite 15,000 m²  FIBA-approved basketball facility, with 13 courts (both indoor and outdoor), including a 500-capacity central court. 
  • A selection of top-class programs, from 3 to 12 weeks, with integrated competitive games
  • The latest basketball equipment, including shooting machines, training material, and high-quality apparel.
  • Access to a full medical clinic with a dedicated physio team

Our support doesn’t just finish when you complete your training. We have access to a network of local basketball teams and agents who are constantly looking for fresh talent.

From the minute you set foot at our center, we’re dedicated to making you the best player you can possibly be.

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