EuroProBasket Player Igor Jesovnik on Tryout in Xativa, Spain


Igor Jesovnik grew up in British Columbia Canada. He played basketball throughout his youth. He joined a collegiate team near his hometown in Vancouver BC but his time there was cut short due to injury.

At that point in his life he focused on his professional career outside of basketball. Working on his education and getting a good job so he could support himself.

His dream of playing professional basketball never died though. He still trained his body and worked on his skills so he could one day live out that dream.

Fastforward to now. Igor arrived to Valencia, Spain and had his first practice in the EuroProBasket program Monday September 4th 2021. That same day a Spanish coach from a team in Xativa came to visit a practice in the afternoon to scout players for his team. He quickly noticed Igor and showed interest in trying him out for his team.

Thursday September 9th that same Spanish coach came to Valencia pick up Igor Jesovnik and transport him to the town of Xativa for a tryout with his team. The tryout would be for 3 days and include two practices and a game.

Igor is now closer to his dream than he ever had been. At 29 years old with limited collegiate experience, he is in a position to be signed to a team for the 2021-22 season. The ball is in his court whether he stays and plays in Spain for the remainder of the season.

The same day Igor started practice with EuroProBasket is the same day he received an offer for a tryout with a team in Spain.

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