L’Alqueria Academy – Europe’s Elite Basketball Boarding School

Basketball Boarding School

What do you get when you combine Europe’s largest basketball training facilities, one of Europe’s most distinguished basketball clubs with over 35 years of history, and one of Europe’s premier educational institutions?

You get L’Alqueria Academy. L’Alqueria del Basket and Valencia Basket offer unmatched basketball training, education and development through their elite boarding school.

Mas Camarena provides paramount education as it ranks in the top 15 schools in Spain. This colossal fusion of elite basketball training, competition and education is producing the future of Europe’s elite basketball players.

EuroProBasket in Collaboration with L’Alqueria Academy

Lalqueria academy europrobasket

Photo L’Alqueria Academy and EuroProBasket Collaboration

EuroProBasket International Academy is proud to announce our collaboration with L’Alqueria Academy. Providing international exposure and connections across the globe, EuroProBasket aims to provide the best services for players in the program. Eager basketball players will arrive as student athletes and leave prepared professionals.

What can be more important than your child’s health and education. You can address both as well as give them the possibility to compete on a professional or USA University level with one program.

What’s Included – Basketball Boarding School Program

Elite Basketball Competition and Training

Valencia Basket – One of Europe’s most distinguished basketball clubs, Valencia Basket is the only club in Europe with both of their men’s and women’s teams in the highest national and European competitions. Legendary instruction and coaching has brought this club continued success. All players in the L’Alqueria Academy will take part in one of the youth teams of this infamous club or one of the vesiculated clubs.

L’Alqueria del Basket – Europe’s largest and most advanced basketball training facilities in use by every L’Alqueria Academy player. 13 courts, 2 weight rooms, a state of the art medical facility fully staffed, wifi throughout the facilities, shooting machines, and more. Facilities solely dedicated to basketball improvement and at the disposal of our academy players.

L’Alqueria Academy Basketball Facilities Video Intro

Education – Private Middle and High School

Mas Camarena Education Complex – Ranked in the top 4 best schools in Spain, Mas Camarena provides students with the highest quality education available in Europe. An apple distinguished school which follows the IB World School methodology giving students seamless transfer to Universities around the world. Classes are done in English, Spanish or both. Depending on the desires of the student.

Accommodation – Resort Living for Athletes

Mas Camarena Resort – The word that stands out is resort, and that is exactly where the players in the L’Alqueria Academy live. This is not a residence for student athletes, it is a resort and sanctuary for athletes to excel and feel at home. There are gardens, pools, and various sports courts. A fully equipped weight room and entertainment theatre with game systems.

For the student athlete’s comfort there are individual, double and triple rooms with individual bathrooms climate controlled and fully equipped with air conditioning and heat. For their security there is personal key code access and 24 hour monitoring. 

Nutrition – Meals are provided by the resort chefs 3 times a day, with special attention paid to the needs of athletes. The Mediterranean diet is the base of the resort restaurants meals. Meanwhile being served in a buffet setting so players have their choice of what they will be eating. Personalized diet plans and special care will be taken for student athletes with food allergies or other needs.

Monitors 24 Hours – Staff is on site 24 hours a day. A nurse is also available for any type of medical needs. A cleaning and laundry service is also provided for the rooms and clothes.

L’Alqueria Academy Education and Accommodation Video Intro

Cultural Experiences

Weekend activities and team trips are organized regularly. Student athletes may take part in the various clubs provided such as a football, athletics, running, hiking or mountain biking club. With 300 days of sunshine everyday, student athletes can take advantage of everything the resort and the city of Valencia has to offer.

What Separates L’Alqueria Academy from other Academies and Boarding Schools?

There has yet to be an academy in Europe that delivers 10/10 in every aspect, that is until now. L’Alqueria Academy provides 5 star service in every category at a price that is unmatched in Europe or in America.

You’ll find academies that provide great coaching but poor living conditions. Great basketball education but below average schooling in the classroom. Or vise versa. You may find a great option in the USA that delivers everything, but you can expect to pay $60,000 or more per year. L’Alqueria Academy delivers the best of the best at a price that is affordable.

NCAA Scouts Visit and Evaluate Players

Throughout the course of the program, NCAA scouts will visit L’Alqueria del Basket to scout and evaluate players for scholarship opportunities in the United States. Educational sessions will be held to give information about the recruitment and enrollment process for USA Universities as well as answer questions from players in the L’Alqueria Academy program.

Ages accepted are 13-18 years old

For more information, questions and registration please reach out here: Contact Us.