Judy Jones Destroys the League… Again

Another Season – Another Accolade Judy Jones can’t seem to escape her success in Spain. Year after year, season after season, she has lead her league in more than one category. The awards you probably cannot count on just your ...

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Europrobasket Players Ranked in Portugal Basketball

Portugal Basketball – Land of Opportunity Since the opening of Europrobasket the connection with the Portuguese basketball leagues have been very beneficial for both players and teams. Numerous Europrobasket players sign with teams from the 1st division to the 3rd ...

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The shooting guard position is often associated with flashy, electric and self assured offensive players that focus mainly on scoring the ball. Does this presumption translate to the European game? Truth be told, the shooting guard skills in Europe will ...

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Arguably the most important position in basketball, the point guard is the keystone to build a successful team. Coaches will trust them to implement and execute the game plan on the floor, while other players will rely on their leadership ...

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From NAIA in 2017 to LEB Plata – Weekly MVP in 2020

The Simple Beginnings of Sean McDonnell Sean grew up in San Diego California, playing basketball in high school at San Dieguito Academy. After graduating he attended Big Bend Community College for his 2013-14 season. The following year he transferred to ...

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Europrobasket Player Darko Dimkovski scored 63 points in Germany ??!

Europrobasket player Darko Dimkovski, 6’6″ Shooting Guard from Macedonia, scored 63 points in a victory for his team in Germany. Darko had an amazing game making 13 shots from behind the arc which lead his team to victory! Congrats on ...

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Europrobasket Player Judy Jones wins Championship, team moves up to Liga Feminina 2 ??!

Europrobasket player Judy Jones lead her team BOET Mataro to a Championship victory over Basket Almeda adding an impressive 21 points, 19 rebounds and 3 assists! Judy signed with her team last season following her Europrobasket Female Program in September ...

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16 Europrobasket Players in Playoffs, 2 Championships and 2 Mvp’s ?!

The 2017-18 season has been an epic one for Europrobasket players and the teams they play for! The season, for many leagues has not even reached playoffs yet but already our players have made huge impacts for their teams. Kenny ...

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Europrobasket Player Robert Konteh wins the Championship “Ascenso de Eba” ?!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Europrobasket player Robert Konteh helped his team win the championship in their conference, Ascenso de Eba. The were awarded the license to move to the next division above them which is Liga Eba. This is Robert’s fist season playing in ...

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Europrobasket Player Dominik Tannis-Harriet with 17 pts!

Europrobasket player Dominik Tannis-Harriet had a break-out game with his new team. This is Dominik’s 2nd game with his team. He quickly adjusted to his new team’s offense helping them with 17 pts, 3 rebs, 4 asts, and 3 stls! ...

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Europrobasket Player Terrelle Green with 21pts!

Europrobasket player Terrelle Green led his team to a crushing victory over their opponent in the Liga EBA competition! Terrelle put up great numbers: 21 pts, 3 rebs, 4 asts, 2 stls and 24 efficiency rating all in 25 mins ...

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Great Performances by Europrobasket Players!

European Summer League player Mads Kofod Rasmussen (MaiaBasket Clube) put up Monster numbers with 29 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals earning a 33.5 efficiency rating!!site.go?s=1&show=jog&id=210291   Europrobasket and European Summer League Player Isao Kinoshita with a ...

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Great Player Performances!!

Europrobasket player Keith Dean had an amazing game last round against Basquet Sitges, putting up outstanding numbers with 31 pts, 6/10 2pt, 5/7 3pt, 4 rebs and a 28 point valoration!!! Keith had more than half of the points of ...

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Great Player Performances!

Keith Dean came out this weekend with 17 pts. Montreal Holley had a double double with 10 pts, 12 rebs and 5 blks! Joshua White had a double double with 27 pts and 18 rebs!! Chris Motten Jackson had 40pts ...

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Outstanding Performance by Europrobasket Player Greg Womack!!

Outstanding first game for Europrobasket Player Greg Womack, playing for his new team Union Baloncesto Almendralejo. Greg’s first games were part of a tournament in the region called “Copa Extremadura”, where the some of the best teams in the area ...

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Outstanding Performances by Europrobasket Players!!

Five Europrobasket Players had great performances with their teams in Spain this past round! Josh White had another great performance for his team Adepla Basket, Plasencia. He also earned MVP for his group the 2nd consecutive week with 25pts, 17 rebs, ...

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Huge first game for Europrobasket Player Joshua White!!

Josh had a MONSTER first game with his new team putting up 26pts, 24rebs, 4blks, 3asts, and 3stls for a total valoration of 47!!! Josh was only with his team for one practice before playing his first game with them. ...

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Good Numbers for Europrobasket Player Isao Kinoshita!

Good performance by Europrobasket player Isao Kinoshita! Isao put up good numbers in his game this past weekend with 12 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal! Great game for Europrobasket and Copa Catalunya’s first professional Japanese player!! Keep ...

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