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EuroProBasket player Malick Gueye on Tryout in Catalunya

In Valencia Spain, Malick Gueye boarded a train which runs North along the Mediteranean coast with a final destination in Tarragona. There he will be picked up by the sports director of his potential team for the 2021-22 season. Without going too much further, let’s take a step backwards and

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Overseas Basketball Combine

Best Overseas Basketball Combine 2024

Overseas Basketball Combines in the USA If you’re an aspiring professional basketball player you have probably either been to or heard of an overseas basketball combine or showcase taking place in the USA. You may have also heard of an overseas basketball tour or basketball academy that takes place, well,

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Overseas basketball salaries for each country

Overseas Basketball Salaries – Earnings by Country

If you are like most aspiring professional basketball players you surely have been asking yourself, what are the average overseas basketball salaries? We are here to answer that! We dive into the average and maximum salaries of players on every continent. Since individual player salaries are not public information like

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Basketball Agents Overseas

Basketball Agents – Everything You Need to Know

What is a basketball agent and what is their job? A basketball agent represents a current or aspiring professional basketball player or coach in pursuing, and negotiating; playing, coaching or endorsement opportunities. They will focus on the business side of basketball so you can focus on your training and development.

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Point Guard in Europe


Arguably the most important position in basketball, the point guard is the keystone to build a successful team. Coaches will trust them to implement and execute the game plan on the floor, while other players will rely on their leadership and decision making to be able to perform at their

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Professional basketball in Europe


Playing professional basketball in Europe is a goal many players around the globe want to accomplish. Regardless of your playing background and experience, the first thing you need to understand is what coaches will be expecting from you and their thought process when recruiting talent in non european players. This

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